BURNDY EDI - Electronic Data Interchange (Computer-to-Computer)

What is EDI?

   BURNDY provides EDI capabilities which are electronic transactions used to provide efficient exchange of business to business (B2B) information and electronic communication by computers via a value-added network (VAN) or EDI-INT (EDI over the internet)***.

How can EDI help you?

The key to EDI is that it provides the efficient exchange of information between partners to help reduce transactional costs.

Some of the advantages of moving towards EDI are:
     • Reduce errors in ordering, shipping and receiving
     • Improve order / invoicing efficiency
     • Reduce paper / postage and associated costs
     • Synchronize product and pricing data
     • Assists with managing / lowering inventory investment
     • Improve accounts receivable / payable processing
     • Increase distributor profitability – lowers costs
     • Enable electronic payments (EFT/ACH)

EDI Transactions for Authorized BURNDY Trading Partners:

EDI Transaction URL Link to EDI Spec Description
810 810v4010 Outbound    Invoice
820 820v4010 Inbound    Payment-Remit Advice-EFT
844 844v4010 Inbound    Request for Credit
845 845v4010 Outbound    Price Authorization
849 849v4010 Outbound    Response to Req. for Credit
850 850v4010 Inbound    Purchase Order
855 855v4010 Outbound    PO Acknowledgement
856 856v4010 Outbound Delivery Based    Advance Ship Notice - Delivery Based
856 856v4010 Outbound Shipment Based    Advance Ship Notice - Shipment Based
860 860v4010 Inbound    PO Change


How do you begin establishing EDI with BURNDY?

  1. Download and complete the following two documents
  2. Send an email with completed TPA and Superform attachments, along with a request for new EDI implementation to the Hubbell Service Desk at servicedesk@hubbell.com
        • TPA (Trading Partner Agreement) – signed by the REQUESTOR
        • Trading Partner Profile Superform – completed by the REQUESTOR
  3. Confirm that all business agreements, contracts, tax certifications, etc. have been completed
  4. Once the request is received, a “ticket” will be issued for tracking purposes and our IT staff will work with you to implement the transactions.

BURNDY supports most B2B transactions in a standard ANSI X12 or electro-industry IDEA EDI-Pro standards.

*** An EDI translator (software application) or EDI translator service is required